More than ever I'm incredibly conscious of where the products I buy are made.  It really started last Thanksgiving when my South African born (now American) mother-in-law brought to our family's attention the amount of products being Made in China and elsewhere.  Most importantly not being made here in the US.  When you start checking labels - it really drives it home.  I'm not here to preach but if you need some reasons to start checking those labels - read this. 

So this Thanksgiving on Small Business Saturday - Mom, Mom-in-law, Sis-in-Law and myself all went down to "the village" to shop small and shop local.  Two birds.  Imagine my surprise - when I found this blouse at a local boutique AND it was MADE in the USA! Kudos to Lush.  (now - I have to disclaim that I don't think all of their products are USA made - but some is better than none)

Doesn't it remind you of a candy cane? fun and festive and perfect for the holidays!

(photos by me)