Good Afternoon!  Hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend - maybe one in which you had the house to yourself after a long (but wonderful) Thanksgiving weekend full of family, drinking, shopping, more drinking, eating, games, drinking (yes I'm describing my Thanksgiving weekend). 
So this past weekend was lovely - as I spent most of it with my couch.  And NFL redzone.  (which is a lifesaver when you root for an awful team in which most of your games are blacked out)

And now here we are at Monday - which has been productive for me so far (gym, culling a wedding, post office, bank...) now I'd like to sit down for a moment and show you something I recently found that blew my mind.  Once of those - why-didn't-I-think-of-that moments.  The Vintage Book iPhone Charger from Anthropologie.  I love everything about it.  The vintage books, the fact that it charges your iPhone.  So made for your bedside table and so very perfect for that person who seems to have everything.  

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