OK this may just be the coolest thing ever.  I found it over on Brit + Co (a really cool app I have for my phone that features all sorts of great DIY ideas, crafts, gifts, beauty etc- check it out!) Anyway - there's an iPade app out there called iFontMaker ($6.99) that helps you create your own custom fonts from your own handwriting and then download them onto your computer to use on your blog or wherever you please!  It's seriously addictive!  Super easy and quick (unless you are a perfectionist - which I most certainly am not!) Here's what I came up with - please excuse my terribly unimaginative names - I wasn't expecting it to be so awesome and to want to share them with you! You can download each of them with the links below and please don't judge my handwriting. enjoy!
DOWNLOAD THEM HERE: Shelby's Handwriting //  Shelby's Georgia // Shelby's Italic Spaced // Random Yo

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