image via coast to coast challenge
So I loved this image from the second I saw and instantly pinned it on my pinterest page.  I think it's all that gorgeous light coming in from behind her.
I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it exactly until I thought of doing a holiday party apparel post.  And what's better during the holiday than basic black with a little shimmer.  Using this color palette you can create an array of looks and still avoid the obvious LBD or LGD (little gold dress):

- black high waist pants with a gold sequin top
- silk black blouse with a gold skirt
- nude maxi pleat skirt with black tank and gold belt

(just to name a few...)

So what are your holiday party go to looks?  Do you keep it simple or go all out?
And when you arrive at your party - don't forget your hostess gift - perhaps one wrapped in a little shimmer all its own?


  1. Absolutely loving this color palette. And I feel like you always have to go all out in a simple look for the holiday parties :)
    xo TJ