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Did you all watch the Golden Globes last night? Or at least the Red Carpet?  What were your thoughts on the all the fashions?  I was actually quite impressed!  Obviously I have a thing for black and gold right now as the colors weren't doing much for me last night....

Emily Blunt killed it in Michael Kors and though I LOVED Julianne Hough's hair and make up and the top of her dress - I wasn't crazy about all the tulle and layers and would have loved to see it in a more fitted silhouette.

My honorable mentions:
Kate Hudson: girl can do boho chic like no one else
Kristen Bell: how cute was she with her baby bump?
Claire Danes: she just gave birth! plus homeland is one of my favorite shows ever
Amanda Seyfriend: would have been a favorite but I just felt something was missing

That's my two cents! Tell me your faves (and not so faves) xo

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