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And no I don't mean get dressed up.  I mean actually get dressed.

Don't get me wrong - working from home is the greatest thing in the world but it can really throw you off your fashion game.  For example right now I'm wearing college sweats, a baseball tee from target and uggs.  My unwashed hair is piled up on my head and I have zero makeup on.  It's almost 11am.

The easy solution would be to wake up and just get in the shower and get dressed - but I also need to get a workout in (I prefer afternoon workouts) and the thought of multiple showers everyday just seems like a waste of time.

What's a girl to do?

So my goal is to try to be at the gym by 10am at least 3 days a week (baby steps). That way I get it out of the way - can come home shower and still have almost a full day ahead of me.  Hold me to it, K?

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