Ok when I found out I was pregnant I told myself I wouldn't need to go out and buy maternity clothes.  That has been mostly true.  (The exception being leggings - those go without saying - and one maternity top from Target - more on that later.)  I knew with the latest style trends I would be able to get a lot of oversized tops and maxi dresses and avoid buying something I would never wear again.  Enter: 
Free People is probably my favorite place to shop for my belly.   Lots of oversized, comfy tees like the Circle in the Sand and the Sibela.  And my favorite item of clothing ever - the San Jose maxi dress.  I have it in black and white and wear them at least once a week. 

 Being a SoCal girl, Swell is one of my favorite online shops and it was one of the first places I looked for good maxi dresses like this Tiare dress.  I then stumbled upon this embroidered mini dress and fell in love with the color.  However - it's way more muted in real life so keep that in mind - but I still love it and wear it with leggings and look forward to the day when I can just wear it as a mini and my belly won't make it 6 inches shorter.
Ok so my one "maternity" purchase?  This super comfy Liz Lange top.  When I bought it a light bulb went off and I kinda realized why people do buy maternity clothes - it makes my belly look so cute! It really is flattering and I can dress it up with black leggings, booties and a cute scarf. 

So there you have it - those are some of the pieces in the rotation these days.  Most of the time I'm in sweats and pjs if I'm not leaving the house because it's getting to the point where dressing this body can be a bit of a chore...but it's nice to have a few items that make you want to show off your growing belly. 

Tell me what are/were your favorite pieces to wear when pregnant…and no, your bathrobe doesn't count. 

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